Action and Purification: the method of interpretation Options

The highest end of action is purification; but this applies to deliberate and not accidental action.  The idea of purification of material objects is part of the idea of sacrifice. The Vedas enjoin action, and not their fruit; but we need to understand their language correctly to grasp their idea.  This may be illustrated by […]

Looking for a Class Again

Ok, this has happened a few times now. maybe i’m a bit thick, but it’s taken me this long to realize that i need to look a little more closely at  the problem. I’m a relative newcomer to yoga (3 yrs) and I don’t come to it with a physical or spiritual background – not a […]


Here are basic meditation tips to help you relax: Pick a word, short phrase or prayer that is firmly rooted in your belief system that will help you focus. Try words like “peace,” “one” or a religious word or phrase. Sit quietly in a comfortable position. Some prefer yoga positions as practiced in the East. […]

Health benefits of yoga

Today’s world is busy and quite stressful. People are finding ways to get rid of their stress somehow. They invest a large sum on various treatments for this purpose. Training yoga at home can be a better method for you if you want to ease up your mind.  Yoga deals with mind and body. History […]

Art Of Righteous Living

Yoga is considered as an art that provide benefits and strength to our body, inner spirit and mind. It is an ancient practice which was originated inIndiaabout thousands of years ago. The Puranas and Upanishads written by Aryans during post- Vedic and late-Vedic periods have references about yoga. A systematic written approach about yoga was […]

Yoga – A New Way of life

Yoga is a method of discipline which started in ancientIndiaabout 3000 years ago.  A person practices yoga for physical, mental, and physical benefits. A male who practices yoga is called a “yogi” and a female yoga practitioner is called “yogini”.  The meaning of the Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) word yoga is “union”, a union of […]