Mysticism – Personal Power – Quotations by Zen Master Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz

“Personal power is a feeling, like life. Personal power is the ability to enter into different planes of reality. A great deal has been written about personal power by Carlos Casteneda, and I find his first four books valuable. Of the experiences themselves, who knows? But the principles that are presented are quite valuable for one who seeks power. There is a grace and an ease to power. You feel good about yourself and your life when you have it. It is well worth having, and it is certainly miserable not to have it.

A person without much power is easily influenced by others, whether they are physical or non-physical beings. Their life is easily ruined. They are blown around like a leaf in the wind. All living things have an aura, a rapidly vibrating, invisible psychic
energy field that protects them from toxic, non-physical energies that would otherwise be detrimental to them.

Life wears us down. We all die here. Depending upon the way you expose yourself to energies and powers and forces will determine whether you have a lot of energy or you lose energy. Everything that we do involves energy, personal power. The more energy
we have, the more we can accomplish. Freedom is within oneself. But to get beyond the thoughts and desires
requires power.

You can measure your power in your ability to stop thought. The longer you can stop thought, the more powerful you are. The types of thoughts that you think create a state of mind. The reason you think the thoughts you do results from your level of power. The reason one enters into lower mental states is because you don’t have the power or chi flowing through you. When you pick up that sword and you start to fight, a power comes to you. When you shy back from it, that’s when all the little doubts, the insecurities, the terrible deadness of the human condition surrounds you.

Winning is based to a certain extent upon personal power. If you have enough personal power you tend to win. If you don’t, you tend to lose. A person with power controls their life and their destiny.  They have a mastery. Their moments are aware moments in this world, never wasted. What is will? It is a decision. It is a decision to be something. We really aren’t anything in particular. We can be anything. That’s the good news. It is necessary to store power to be free. Right now you are in the gravity field of many different people in your life. Each person you feel attached to is a planetary body…perhaps a heavenly body! It is necessary to do a systems analysis of your life. Look at where you gain power and where you lose power.

Power comes from leading a controlled life, a happy life, a perky life. No one’s lazy. What we would call the laziest person on earth expends a tremendous amount of energy to not do things. If President Bush does a lousy job, then he’ll lose power. If the guy
at McDonalds who’s selling burgers does a great job, then he’ll be much more powerful than President Bush. Personal power is something that is not visible. We can see its effects, but we cannot see power itself in the same way we see the effects of wind; but we cannot actually see the wind.

Personal power is a feeling that everybody is looking for called satisfaction. It is different from enlightenment, but you need personal
power to become enlightened. Personal power is not the end of the process. I don’t think you have to wait for knowledge and balance to come before you seek power because you need a certain amount of power to gain knowledge and balance. Personal power is not the end of the process. It is a tool that you use to get someplace. The purpose of the car is not to live in the car, it is to drive you someplace you want to go.”

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