Looking for a Class Again

Ok, this has happened a few times now. maybe i’m a bit thick, but it’s taken me this long to realize that i need to look a little more closely at  the problem. I’m a relative newcomer to yoga (3 yrs) and I don’t come to it with a physical or spiritual background – not a jock, not on a spiritual quest. So i’m not using yoga to attain fitness or find god. I like the improved awareness of my body and I like the calm space in my life that class and home practice give me. All along what I’ve wanted is 1 or 2 classes a week for nstruction/correction and a short daily home practice for maintenance. I’ve consistently had problems finding those outside classes. I live in toronto. A city big enough to have a variety of studios and a variety of teachers within those studios.  i know to steer away from ashtanga, hot yoga, and anything else that looks like its aerobics disguised as yoga. You’d think that a basic hatha class would suit me perfectly, but i’m finding teachers are sneaking vinyasa into hatha and from there we ease into full blown aerobics paced classes. my current teacher, who was such a find – knowledgeable, open, plus a time and location perfect for me – has changed my perfect hatha class to a hatha vinyasa and is pushing me towards her restorative class. I find restorative supports my shortcomings without encouraging progress. I don’t like to use props. i think the teacher is equating “needs instruction/correction” with “unable”. I find myself leaning toward classes which are more spiritual than I want, just to ensure that they aren’t going to end up crunching my abs, repeating  3 more aaaand 2 more aaaand 1 more, feeling the heat.  I hate heat.

SO, now that this scenario (find the perfect class, have it or the teacher change/leave) has happened to me 3 times, I figure it’s more than coincidence (yeah, jered, no coincidences, I know). I must be creating this reality. so what am I learning? I’m more dependant on teachers than my home practice yoga is a business for most teachers, they teach to who ever pays their bills classes/teachers aren’t there forever, or even longterm. and how do i create something different? need to define yoga for myself so I know exactly what i’m looking for make my home practice the more meaningful practice for me

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